A series of Terrifying Events: A presentation in Thessaloniki (5.04.2013)

The novel “A Series of Terrifying Events” was presented this afternoon (05.04.2013) by its author Minos-Athanasios Kariotakis at the Hall of the Central Municipal Library of Thessaloniki.
Initially, the audience watched the promo video of the digital book and then, got informed briefly about the strange story of an English journalist, the protagonist of the novel, who started investigation into the causes of the mysterious disappearance of an English student in Transylvania, resulting to participate in some terrifying events that will finally determine his whole life.

At first, the author presented the journalist’s story and read some extracts from the book. Then, he discussed with the audience by answering questions, not only in relation to the novel, but also about the power of the printed and digital book during the period of financial crisis. Also, the discussion was about literature and horror fiction, and the new projects of the young author.

In addition, the author answered all the questions of the audience and announced that till the end of the year it is expected to have completed his new novel with the title “The Bard Nex”. For further information about the author’s new venture you can visit his personal blog by clicking here.

Translation from Greek: Anastasia Koutroufini 
Proofreading, Editing: Tina Moschovi

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