"The Μagic Βookmark" in the Central Municipal Library of Thessaloniki (3.04.2013)

The tale “The Magic Bookmark” of Iraklis Lampadariou was presented today on the ground floor of the Central Municipal Library of Thessaloniki by the member of “Saita Publications” and editor of the Greek edition Konstantina Charlavani!

The young pupils of the 3rd grade in the 40th primary school of Thessaloniki were informed for the fun of reading digital books, the flights of “Saita Publications” and the stages of planning a book. They participated actively in the presentation of the story. Then, divided into groups, they looked for the traces of the magic bookmark to the pages of several books which are hosted at the shelves of the Library in order to find out which particular book the magic bookmark was hidden in and touched his big teeth. Having found him, they drew together a great bookmark to decorate their classroom.

In the end, each one of the 23 students, who attended the event, got a magic bookmark to accompany them to their flights through reading.

[Translation from Greek: Anastasia Koutroufini, Proofreading, Editing: Tina Moschovi]

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